Start 30

 Here are few helpful things to get you started using your Grateful Connection Notebook! 

Where to begin with the notebook

Start with the daily pages, particularly the Connection pages for the first few days. Think of a few people you want to stay in contact with on a regular basis. You can then fill in the contact spaces on the Connection pages. It is up to you how many of the contact space you would like to fill in to start, however the simplest way to get started is to fill in one person per day and decide if you would like to have this person on additional daily pages. You can continue to add more people as you begin working through the daily pages.

Once you have at least a few of the daily Connection pages filled in with names, then you can begin going through the notebook starting on Day 1. How you choose to connect with each person is entirely up to you! It can a phone call, a text, or even a hand written letter.

Helping your notebook last and lay flat if it is paperback bound

Start by first holding the binding of the notebook and then flip or fan through the pages at least 4 or 5 times.

Next, lay the notebook flat and fold the front cover all the way over at the crease line. Then, continue this same folding and creasing with at least the first 10 pages. For greater effectiveness, you can continue through the first half of the notebook.

Finally, turn the notebook over so the back cover is facing up while it is laying flat. Repeat the same folding and creasing process for the back cover and at least 10 pages.