About Us

The Grateful Connection Notebook came from Adam and Stephanie pulling together a number of resources, teaching, and insights to create something fresh that would help people see the world and the day-to-day in brighter perspective. Simplicity and consistency matched with connection and gratitude was the foundation of the notebook and all of its related spaces.

Adam Lavazza has been a long time creator in many areas, particularly music, and pulls from numerous experiences to relate to others in meaningful ways. He is always seeking to engage people where they are; whether through his creative works or interesting conversations. These two aspects in particular led him to begin bringing the idea of the notebook to life and this had him reach out to his friend Stephanie.

Stephanie Stasik is a vibrant spark of life always willing to help to the best of her ability. With a keen eye for design and her enjoyment in connecting with others, she quickly jumped on board. Putting energy into the initial project was not an easy task being a married parent of four children, however, she was a critical force in the notebook becoming reality.

For more information about who we are and/or the work we do, please reach out to us through our contact page or social media!