The Grateful Connection Notebook Beginning

The Grateful Connection Notebook all began with a small idea that the value of gratitude and connection with others could be integrated into something that could be used by others to cultivate a life filled with stronger relationships and an attitude centered on thankfulness. This small idea grew into developing the physical notebook as a place for people to write and reflect on the gratitude and relationship connections in their lives.

It can be easy to be knocked “off course” with a hard day or even a busy moment in life. Suddenly, days have gone by and we realize we meant to reach out to someone days ago or even that we have not been operating to our fullest as nagging thoughts linger in the back of our minds.

The Grateful Connection Notebook provides a single, simple space to build consistency with connecting to those most important to you while also orienting life around gratitude and then creating a ripple effect from that center into every part of life.

It is our sincerest wish that this notebook helps create stronger relationships and a deeper gratitude for a truly awesome and meaning life!

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