A Seemingly Simple Idea to Begin

It all began with the seemingly simple idea of bringing together gratitude and a way to remember to reach out to people. Little did we think at the time (well probably just me) that this would have so many little twists and turns a long the way.

After some thought and discussing the idea with Stephanie, we started threading some pieces together. With initial concepts being kicked around, a few really tangible bits began to emerge and soon enough of a starting prototype of the notebook began to take shape. Next, this led to several revisions and alterations...lots of small decisions points and perhaps getting a bit mired in the details, as well.

Ultimately, we finalized the first official version and sent it off to publish proofs to approve for the it to then be available for everyone to use. The first version covers a full year for someone to be able to stay connected to the people the hold dear, journal their gratitude, and finally reflect on all that has happened in the past year!

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